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We believe service goes beyond daily administrative and advisory tasks. Our professional team will never rest in complacency and strives to have every concern addressed, every phone call returned and every question answered.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Benefits of Discretionary Portfolio Management:
  • Allows for changes to be made on short notice
  • Introduces additional asset classes to your portfolio
  • Reduces volatility and enhances returns
  • Allows us to seize buying opportunities in a timely fashion
  • Ability to respond quickly to the changing investment environment
  • Charged as a percentage of the account value
  • Management fees are not paid by commission based on volume of buys and sells
  • Generally lower than typical mutual fund fees
  • Management fees on non-registered accounts are tax deductible

Did You Know?

To qualify to be a Discretionary Portfolio Manager we must meet and maintain the highest regulatory standards established by the Securities Commission of Canada.

Currently, only 5% of Investment Advisors in Canada are Licensed Discretionary Portfolio Managers.

Traditional Asset Management

Classic investing with best in class service

  • Determine risk tolerance & investment time horizon
  • Discuss goals and financial objectives
  • Regular review of Investments
  • Meet lifestyle changes with creative solutions


For beginners to seasoned policy holders

Together we determine if there is a need for insurance coverage and discuss the options available to you. We are happy to review your current policies and offer a second opinion.

    • Term Insurance
    • Permanent Insurance
    • Long-term Care Insurance
    • Critical Illness
    • Mortgage Insurance

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